Kristien Daem has been an independent photographer, documenting art and architecture, since the 1980s. Throughout her career Kristien Daem’s work gradually evolved into a critical investigation of the medium of photography in the representation of art. She focuses on unrealized, unfinished or unfulfilled artwork from the conceptual sixties. By means of case studies she questions the originality and ownership of images and concepts by other artists. In addition, she questions her own authorship. Until recently, Kristien Daem’s photographs mostly did without people. Today she embraces the tradition of portraiture in art and photography in an ongoing series on the (re)presentation of women in the art world. She lives in Brussels, Belgium.

For all inquiries please feel free to reach out to: kristien.daem[at]me.com



Ari Benjamin Meyers, Lucy McKenzie, Gabriel Kuri, On Kawara, Gaillard & Claude, Kasper Bosmans, Thomas Schütte, Leen Voet, Jan Dibbets, Harald Thys and Jos De Gruyter, Gerlach en Koop, Freek Wambacq, Peggy Franck, Kathleen Vermeir en Ronny Heiremans, Anouk Declerck, Koenraad Dedobbeleer , Raoul De Keyser, Helmut Dorner, Lili Dujourie, Rodney Graham, Sophie Nys, Luc Tuymans, Johan Grimonprez, Cristina Iglesias, Buenos Tiempos, Michael Lin, Bernd Lohaus, Valerie Mannaerts, Juan Muñoz, Mitja Tuçek, Jan Van Imschoot, Philippe Van Isacker, Jan Vercruysse, Gert Verhoeven, Heidi Voet, Franz West, Heimo Zobernich, Jean Marc Bustamante, Thierry Decordier, Bernd Lohaus, Kurt Ryslavi, Michael E. Smith, Jan Hüskes, Arian de Vette, Greet Billet, Rossella Biscotti, among others.



Briefing Room, Kanal Pompidou, FLAT$, Herbert Foundation, M HKA Antwerpen, Art in the City, Antwerp / Kunst in de Stad, Antwerpen, Kunstinstituut Melly (former Witte De With) Rotterdam, Damien & The Love Guru, Mendeswood Gallery, Dépendance Brussels, De Appel Amsterdam, Kantine Brussels, Temporary Gallery Köln, Middelheimmuseum Antwerpen, Culturgest Lissabon, Kunsthalle Bern, Antwerpen 93, Documenta IX, Mu.zee Oostende, M.S.K. Gent, Netwerk Aalst, Haus Lange en Haus Esthers Krefeld, Objectif Exhibitions Antwerpen, Contour Mechelen, Vanmoerkerke Collection, Luc Peire Stichting Knokke, Etablissement d’en Face Projects Brussels, Buchhandlung Walther Koenig Köln, Yves Gevaert Uitgever, MDD Museum Dhondt Dhaenens, Xavier Hufkens, CC Strombeek, Z33, Ludion among others.



David Chipperfield architects, Noa architecten, Robbrecht en Daem architecten, Compagnie O., De Bruycker & De Brock, Sophie Delaere, Martine De Maeseneer, Dhooghe & Werckx, Wim Goes, José Luis Matteo, Stéphane Beel , Kristoffel Bogaert, Ney-Poulissen, Technum NV, Jan Thomaes DMT, Marie-José Van Hee, Vermeulen & De Smet , Stijn Ank, 51N4E, Dierendonckblancke architects, Met zicht op zee architecten, Architectenbureau Serck, Sergison Bates Architects LLP, Mies Van der Rohe Krefeld, O.M.A., Christian Kieckens Architecten, among others.



TEN WOMEN / DIX FEMMES / TIEN VROUWEN / ZEHN FRAUEN portrait series III: exhibition at at INBOX, MUHKA, 2023

R.S.V.P. portrait series II, 2023: Exhibition at KIOSK, Ghent 

Kunst in de Stad / Art in the City, 2022: Film screening at CINEMA TICK TACK, Antwerp

Documenting the work by Louise Lawler, a mise en abîme — Birdcalls by Louise Lawler, 1972-81 filmed in the Botanical Gardens of Meise, 2022: Exhibition and film launch at CC Strombeek Expo

Tour Donas, 2021 : an exhibition by Lucy McKenzie curated by Pádraic E. Moore at Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin 

7 Portraits and 1 Still Life, 2021: an exhibition at Arcade Brussels, Pete & Repeat Project room

Detached Involvement, 2018: group exhibition curated by Bas Hendrikx at Garage Rotterdam

Images, as absolute as possible, Case Study #3 Piero Manzoni, To let loose twenty or so white chickens in the rooms of the museum, 2017: Exhibition at Damien and The Love Guru, Brussels

Case Study #2 Robert Smithson, 400 Square Snapshots of Seattle Horizons 1969 (destroyed), 2017: Exhibition at Komplot, Brussels

Case Study #1 Fred Sandback, Five part variations for Bismarckstrasse 50, Köln,  Notations for Galerie Heiner Friedrich, Köln 1976 (not executed), 2016: Published in nY, www.ny-web.be 

Accatone, biannual magazine on architecture, Issue 4, Photographical essay on architectural display in the National Museum of Anthropology Mexico City, 2016

Exhibition at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo June 2016, “The Ages of Beatrix Ruf: A History of Power Transvestism (Part II)”, 201 Produced by: Buenos Tiempos, Int., Photography: Kristien Daem | Styling: Roberto Sanchez, Models: Flynn Casey, Geoff Newton, Puppies Puppies and Marnie Slater, with the support of WBI (Wallonie-Bruxelles International

Der Wunsch, Teil eines Bildes zu Sein, Act #3 Body Pressure in OPEN M, 2015: group exhibition at Museum M.M van Leuven 

‘PRIVATE VIEW’,You are kindly invited to participate in the performance # Act 4 on Saturday 11th of April 2015 from 9 pm at Cas-co in Leuven

Der Wunsch, Teil eines Bildes zu Sein, Act #2, 2014: exhibition De Garage, CC Mechelen, 

I am definitely not a Painter, a spatial condition of 'Kodak, T-Max 400 Film 135-136, 2014: exhibition MER.Station 7 at Emergent Veurne

‘Vive l’Eté 2’, 2014: group exhibition, Galerie Olivier Biltereyst, Brussels

‘Kodak, T-Max 400 Film 135-36’, 2014: Netwerk Aalst Contemporary Art Centre 

Table Swap Project, 2014:  Paper View, Wiels and Artists Prints III Komplot, Brussels

Impact 8 Artists Book exhibition, curated by David Faithfull, Dundee, Scotland, 201,  Kaleid Editions 2013 London, GB

‘Kijken, Herkijken’, by Dimitri Vangrunderbeek, 2013: A group exhibition at the house HermanTeirlinck, Beersel with Aglaia Konrad, Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Ria Pacquée, Jan Kempenaers, Kasper Andreasen, Valerie Mannaerts and Bernd Lohaus

N.8 FERRARI 250 GTO - 1964, 2012: Gevaert Editions,  Brussels

‘Apartment, Wall’, 2011: solo exhibition at in Etablissement d’ En Face Projects, Brussels

Kristien Daem, Lawrence Weiner and Michel François, 2010, Bela Editons, Brussels 

‘Picture this’, 2010: solo exhibition at MDD, Deurle 

Menschen am Sonntag, 2009: group exhibition curated by David Claerbout at Vanmoerkerke Collection, Oostende 

‘Flash B(l)ack’ CC Strombeek, 2009: group exhibition curated by Luk Lambrecht



TEN WOMEN / DIX FEMMES / TIEN VROUWEN / ZEHN FRAUEN portrait series III, published at the occasion of the eponymous exhibition at Muhka, Antwerp. Book design by Saskia Gevaert, 2023

R.S.V.P. portrait series II, published at the occasion of the exhibition at KIOSK, Ghent. Book design by Saskia Gevaert, 2023

7 Portraits and 1 Still Life, with a the text by Emile Rubino, published at the occasion of the [WOMEN] Portraits series at Arcade, Brussels. Bookdesign Saskia Gevaert, 2021

Case Study #2 Robert Smithson, 400 Seattle Horizons (Destroyed), published by the artist, 2019

Mystic Properties, Art Brussels, published on the occasion of HISK exhibition at ART Brussels 2018, with the support of HISK, © Kristien Daem, Richard Venlet, The Artists and The Curator, 2018

Documenting the Office, a contribution for the publication ‘An Architectural Anthology' by Robbrecht en Daem, consists of 15 photographs + one index, 2017

Case Study #1 Fred Sandback, Five part variations for Bismarckstrasse 50, Köln -  Notations for Galerie Heiner Friedrich, Köln 1976 (not executed) – Special edition, 2016

‘Kodak, T-Max 400 Film 135-36’, Published by Mer Paperkunsthalle, 2014

57 Rue de la Vallée, Samuel Webber, Brussels, edited by Zandloper vzw, Brussels, 2013

James T. Kirk, Selected Works, edited by Zandloper vzw, Brussels, 2013

N.8 FERRARI 250 GTO - 1964 edited by Gevaert Editions,  Brussels, 2012

‘Apartment, Wall’ Boek,  Edition of 750 ex. n° 86 of the series Vlees en Beton. Published by Gevaert Editions, Brussels, 2012

‘Tableaux’ Edition on paper, edited MDD and Bela-Editiions, Brussels, 2010

‘La Cabane’ Edition on paper,  edited by Zandloper - Brussels, 2009



Linda Nochlin Fanzine’s third issue published by Kiosk Ghent, 2021

Knack, 7 Portraits and 1 Still Life, Arcade Brussels, 2021

Metropolis M by Domeniek Ruyters: Detached Involvement, group exhibition curated by Bas Hendrikx at Garage Rotterdam, 2018

De Standaard, Gallerie wordt kippenkot, Sam Steverlinck, 2017

H ART, Case Study #2 Robert Smithson, 400 Square Snapshots of Seattle Horizons 1969 (destroyed), Sam Steverlinck, 2017

Open M, Catalogue of the exhibition ‘When Attitude becomes Form’, 2015

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De Witte Raaf, n° 153, 'Apartment, Wall’ by Karen Kesteloot, 2011

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MDD, Picture this, Tanguy Eeckhout, 2010

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