Publication in the form of a leporello of the exhibition 'Mystic Properties' curated by Elena Sorokina for Art Brussels 2018


Mystic Properties, Art Brussels Publication

This publication constitutes the final chapter of the exhibition “Mystic Properties”. On the last day of the show, I proposed Kristien Daem to exercise her subjective view, neither “documenting” the exhibition nor “mediating” its scenography. Exhibitions don’t actually stand still, they always give space to collective looking in motion. Spectator’s bodies move through spaces, shift points of view, look at work, look at each other. Read exhibition texts. Watch themselves looking at art… It is impossible to photograph all this. This is why the publication focuses on overviews and different angles, and simply records how Richard Venlet’s open structure embraces art works. Kristien chose the leporello format for this publication. It accentuates the flow of architectural “views” succeeding one another, in which beginning and end become interchangeable. The reader/spectator of this book/exhibition can turn it, unfold it, or try to put it up as a maquette, reviving, to some extent, the multiple “points of view” of the exhibition. Ideally, this leporello will convey the recorded experience of the space, while registering the loss of “being there” first-hand.

Text by Elena Sorokina

This edition was published on the occasion of HISK exhibition at ART Brussels 2018
With the support of HISK

© Kristien Daem, Richard Venlet, The Artists and The Curator, 2018