Building up a collection takes decades and generally begins with a coup de coeur — A Selection from the Photographic Series by Kristien Daem — The Nostalgia of the Collector written by André Gordts


Building up a collection takes decades and generally begins with a coup de coeur. When then does one become a collector? Out of the many definitions we have drawn the conviction that one becomes a collector once all the rooms in one’s house are full and the art buyer is confronted with the problem of storage: one begins to purchase for the ‘collection’, for the idea that one has developed about contemporary art. Somewhere in the mind of what we can from then on call the collector, a point of no return is reached: the art buyer no longer buys in order to develop a decorative function, but to compose a collection, a balanced ensemble that not only comprises the early coups de coeur, not only the works purchased to create a certain atmosphere at home, but to compose that balanced ensemble in which many works convey that idea that one has formed for oneself and keeps forming for oneself about the art that is close to the collector’s heart. 

Excerpt from the text The Nostalgia of the Collector written by André Gordts

Editor: Leo Van Tuyckom
Concept: Kristien Daem
Authors: André Gordts and Leo Van Tuyckom
Photography: Kristien Daem
Translation : Patrick Lennon
Graphic Design: Kristien Daem
Graphic Design Assistance: Angyvir Padilla
Printing: Cassochrome, Waregem (Beveren- Leie), Belgium